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As a homeowner, your property is not just an asset; it’s a personal space that reflects your taste, comfort, and often, your life’s savings. When construction disputes arise, they can quickly become overwhelming and distressing. If you find yourself in a conflict with your building company, it’s crucial to have a professional who can navigate the technicalities and emotional strain with finesse and expertise.

Who We Are

I am a Chartered Building Consultant affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), specializing in resolving disputes between homeowners and building companies. With an extensive background in the construction industry and a profound understanding of construction law, I offer professional services designed to bring clarity, resolution, and peace of mind to homeowners facing challenging situations with their builders.

Our Services

Dispute Analysis & Resolution: We conduct thorough analyses of your building dispute, breaking down complex issues into understandable terms and helping to identify fair and practical resolutions.

Mediation Services: Our mediation services aim to facilitate a constructive dialogue between you and the builder, creating an environment conducive to reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Expert Witness Reports: Should your dispute require legal intervention, we provide expert witness reports that stand up to scrutiny, supporting your position with evidence-based, professional expertise.

Contract Review & Advice: Avoid future disputes with our contract review services, ensuring that your agreements with builders are clear, fair, and enforceable.

Construction Quality Assessment: Our consultants can provide independent assessments of the workmanship and quality of your construction project, identifying any areas that fall short of the contractually agreed standards.

Why Choose Us?

  • Chartered Expertise: As a Chartered Building Consultant, I bring a recognized standard of professional excellence to your dispute.
  • Tailored Approach: Every dispute is unique, and we provide personalized services that address your specific concerns and objectives.
  • Resolution-Focused: Our primary goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly and amicably as possible, minimizing stress and potential costs.
  • Confidential and Impartial: Your privacy is paramount, and our services are delivered with the utmost confidentiality and impartiality.

Getting Started

If you’re at an impasse with your builder and unsure about the next steps, please reach out for a confidential consultation. We will discuss your situation, outline possible strategies, and begin the process of restoring your peace of mind.

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