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Protect Your Property Investment with a Bloomsbury Schedule of Conditions.

Protect Your Property Investment with a Bloomsbury Schedule of Condition. For in-going and out going leases.

A schedule of condition report from Bloomsbury provides a thorough record of your building’s status for important transitions.

Our reports include:

  • Detailed descriptions of all structures
  • Photographic documentation of interiors and exteriors
  • Identification of defects, damages, and areas needing repair
  • Recommendations for maintenance and improvements

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, or property manager, a Bloomsbury schedule of conditions gives you a baseline for comparison at pivotal moments, such as:

  • Start or end of a tenancy – Document the property’s initial or final condition to determine liability for damages during the lease. Also know as a schedule of dilapidations.
  • Before major renovations – Record the original state prior to construction for reference.
  • Insurance purposes – Provide insurers with a full assessment of the property’s condition and risks.
  • Building regulations – Demonstrate your property’s compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Property transfers – Give buyers confidence by disclosing the complete condition upfront.

With decades of experience surveying residential, commercial, and public structures, Bloomsbury delivers schedules of conditions you can rely on. We also utilize aerial drone surveys for exterior documentation.

Gain peace of mind during your next property transaction or transition with a comprehensive record of conditions from Bloomsbury. Contact our experts today for a quote on scheduling your building assessment

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