Schedule of Condition &
Dilapidation Surveys in Brighton & Hove.

Protect Your Property Investment with a Bloomsbury Schedule of Conditions.

Protect Your Property Investment with a Bloomsbury Schedule of Condition. For in-going and out going leases.

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant or property manager, protecting your real estate investment is paramount. Yet during pivotal transitional periods like tenancy changeovers or before major refurbishments, failing to properly document a property’s condition can expose you to substantial risks and costly disputes down the line.

This is where a Schedule of Condition report from Bloomsbury Building Consultancy & Surveyors provides an invaluable safeguarding measure. Our exhaustive assessments establish a comprehensive baseline record of your building’s state through:

  • Detailed descriptive inventories of all structures, fixtures and fittings
  • Extensive photographic documentation spanning interiors and exteriors
  • Meticulous identification of existing defects, damages and areas requiring repair
  • Professional insights including maintenance recommendations and regulatory compliance review

By commissioning a Bloomsbury Schedule of Condition, you arm yourself with an indisputable reference point for objective comparison during situations such as:

  • Start/End of Tenancy Periods – Definitively determine liability for damages by contrasting before and after assessments (also known as Schedule of Dilapidations).
  • Pre-Renovation Projects – Formally record the original state before construction impacts.
  • Insurance Assessments – Provide insurers with a comprehensive condition survey.
  • Building Regulation Verification – Evidence your property’s compliance status.
  • Property Transfers – Foster transparency reassuring buyers through disclosure.

With decades of expertise surveying residential, commercial and public structures across Sussex, Bloomsbury’s chartered building professionals deliver authoritative Schedule of Condition reports you can stake your investment’s future on. We even leverage innovative aerial drone capabilities to thoroughly document exterior conditions.

Don’t let gaps in formal condition assessments undermine your property’s value and land you in costly legal disputes. Safeguard your interests by engaging Bloomsbury for an exhaustive Schedule of Condition before your next lease period, major works or property transaction. Contact our specialists today for a quote.

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