Project Management For Domestic Construction & Renovations

Chartered construction professionals are at the highest level in the construction industry. From managing multi-million-pound projects to working in the residential sector. You know you are in safe hands if they are Chartered. We always recommend that you check the credentials of any Project Manager. Unfortunately, in the residential sector, most PM come from a DIY background, choosing this path after renovating their own or friend’s homes.

Managing your own building project & supervising builders can be a false economy. Our project management service can:

Save you money, stopping extortionate variations and inflated costs. Well-prepared tenders and detailed specifications will be provided. We can make sure projects are finished on time and to a very high standard. Material schedules will be given to make sure each room is finished as per your specification. Colours/moldings/tiles and so on.

Bloomsbury can monitor the works, pushing to keep the project on schedule whilst ensuring quality is maintained on hidden and visual aspects of the build.

We can liaise with the builders or contractors, taking care of these face-to-face meetings. We will hold client and contractor meetings separately, keeping minutes and records.

We offer a Personal & Bespoke Project Management Service Built Around Your Requirements.

Works will always be valued and signed off before payments are authorised and certified. we will make sure you are always financially in control and in front. Our managers will value the building works making sure you only ever pay for completed works. We save arguments and underhand tactics sometimes used by building contractors. Valuations are generally every 2-4 weeks.

Hiring a Chartered Project Manager will send a strong signal to your builders that they will have to be at the top of their game. CDM Health and Safety regulations will be enforced (Now part of the client’s responsibility). A detailed record of the build will be kept for future reference. Our Chartered Project Managers are authorised by The Council of Mortgage Lenders to certify works (Professional Consultants Certificate) for money to be released. These certificates may be required for re-mortgages, or as part of the legal paperwork from solicitor’s searches.

We can help source the best sub or main contractors – from previous working relationships. We have tie-ins with local suppliers of kitchens/tiles and bathrooms.

By implementing MS Project our Project Managers can pinpoint aspects of the project and identify when the contractors fall behind before it’s too late.

Are you builders Qualified? We do due diligence checks and monitor works throughout the project. No poor workmanship or missing insulation will get passed our Project managers.


We have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, are you looking to build or renovate, if so then Bloomsbury can help!


At Bloomsbury, our experienced chartered building surveyors provide the diligent inspection and evaluation of buildings that clients rely on.

Party Wall

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a UK law that governs the rights and responsibilities of property owners when it comes to building work that affects a shared wall or structure.


Bloomsbury can monitor the works, pushing to keep the project on schedule whilst ensuring quality is maintained on hidden and visual aspects of the build.

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