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Keep Your Construction Project on Budget with Bloomsbury’s Quantity Surveying

At Bloomsbury, our team of highly qualified quantity surveyors provides the expertise and diligence you need to accurately estimate, plan, control, and manage costs for construction projects of any size and scope.

With decades of combined experience across residential, commercial, and civic construction sectors, our quantity surveyors offer an unparalleled level of insight and attention to detail when it comes to budgeting and cost control. We become trusted partners invested in the financial success of your project.

Bloomsbury’s quantity surveying services include:

  • Detailed cost estimating and budget forecasting using the latest industry benchmarks and our extensive knowledge of local supplier and labour costs. We provide realistic budgets tailored to the unique requirements of your project.
  • Ongoing cost tracking and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle, allow us to identify any discrepancies or opportunities for savings. We compare actuals to the budget frequently to ensure alignment.
  • Value engineering and cost optimization to reduce expenses without compromising on quality or function. We dig into the details to find ways to add value.
  • Contract and subcontractor oversight for budget accountability. We review contracts thoroughly and manage relationships carefully.
  • Regular budget updates and reporting to keep you informed. We believe in transparency and proactive communication.
  • Payment processing and financial auditing for full visibility into project spending. You’ll understand exactly where the money is going.
  • Dispute resolution and expert testimony relating to construction budgeting issues. We leverage our experience to bring clarity.

In addition to the above, Bloomsbury’s quantity surveyors also provide the following supplemental services:

  • Life cycle costing to project longer-term expenditures for maintenance, operation, and occupancy. We help plan for the future.
  • Sustainability consulting to help identify environmentally friendly materials and processes that can reduce energy costs. We integrate green building practices.
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning to identify and prepare for budget unknowns. We’ll help you hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
  • Procurement and tendering assistance to get the best prices from suppliers and contractors. Our relationships and experience get results.
  • Project closeout support including final accounting and financial reporting. We’ll provide complete documentation.

Whether you’re a homeowner planning renovations, a developer undertaking a major construction project, a business executive budgeting capital improvements, or a contractor managing multiple jobs, Bloomsbury has the quantity surveying expertise to optimize your budget outcomes.

Don’t leave your construction project budget to chance. Leverage Bloomsbury’s specialist quantity surveying services for a new level of cost control and financial confidence. Our obsessive attention to budgetary details means your project proceeds smoothly, on-time, and on-budget. Contact us today to learn more!


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