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Party Wall

Expert Party Wall Guidance from Bloomsbury


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 establishes critical requirements for property owners in England and Wales undertaking construction that impacts shared walls, floors, foundations or excavations adjoining a neighbour’s land. Adhering to the Act’s protocols is legally mandatory to prevent disputes over access, repair responsibilities and potential damages.

As a regulated aspect of the building process, the Party Wall Act necessitates serving formal notices, facilitating negotiations between owners, and inspection procedures conducted by impartial surveyors. Bloomsbury’s chartered surveyors possess authoritative expertise guiding clients through all aspects of the Party Wall process.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Free initial consultations providing impartial Act guidance
  • Preparing and serving qualifying Party Wall notices
  • Drafting and advising on formal Party Wall agreements
  • Comprehensive Party Wall schedules documenting existing conditions
  • Evaluating proposed plans to confirm Act applicability
  • Acting as the mutually “Agreed Surveyor” between neighbours
  • Clarifying adjoining owner rights, access requirements and more

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This rigorous baselining ensures any subsequent damages can be definitively attributed to the notifiable works. It substantiates claims while protecting owners from spurious grievances or inflated repair demands.

From explaining the Act’s nuances to drafting accurate notices, agreements and schedules, Bloomsbury streamlines the entire Party Wall process. Our surveyors’ impartial administration fosters a collaborative atmosphere where amicable resolutions can be negotiated.

Don’t risk derailing your project due to Party Wall contraventions or escalating neighbour objections. Engage Bloomsbury’s pragmatic expertise from the very start for a seamless construction experience fully compliant with Party Wall regulations. We are the specialist consultants you can rely on to proactively safeguard your interests.

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