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Do you have a dispute with your Builder? We can help!

Resolve Construction Disputes with Bloomsbury's Expert Guidance. Save thousands before the need to go legal. We can mediate on-site between you and your builders or vice versa.

Resolve Construction Disputes with Bloomsbury’s Expert Guidance

At Bloomsbury, our experienced team provides effective construction dispute resolution to get stalled projects back on track.

Common triggers we address include:

  • Contract breaches
  • Quality/workmanship issues
  • Delayed completion
  • Change orders and scope discrepancies
  • Payment disagreements
  • Regulatory non-compliance

Whether it’s a dispute between builder and client, contractor and subcontractor, or business partners, Bloomsbury has the knowledge to resolve issues through:

  • Negotiation – Facilitating discussions to find mutual agreement
  • Mediation – Using a neutral third-party mediator to reach a settlement
  • Adjudication – Resolving claims under £100k through statutory process
  • Arbitration – Using binding arbitration for definitive resolution

With decades of combined construction industry expertise, Bloomsbury’s professionals provide impartial guidance based on facts and best practices, not opinions. Our priority is an efficient path to resolution.

Don’t let your project remain stalled indefinitely. Leverage Bloomsbury’s construction dispute resolution services to get your build back on track and avoid costly litigation. Let our strategic advice protect your investment and reputation.

Contact our experts today to discuss your construction dispute situation in a free consultation. Answers and options are available – let’s talk.

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