What Does A Party Wall Surveyor Do?

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What Does A Party Wall Surveyor Do?

A (Bloomsbury) party wall surveyor is a professional who specialises in resolving disputes and managing matters related to party walls. Party walls are walls shared by two or more adjoining properties, typically found in semi-detached or terraced houses. The primary role of a party wall surveyor is to administer the provisions of the Party Wall Act, which is a legal framework that governs the rights and obligations of property owners in relation to party walls.

Here are some specific tasks and responsibilities that a (Bloomsbury) party wall surveyor can be instructed to do:

  1. Assessing party wall notices: When a property owner intends to undertake certain works, such as building or modifying a party wall, they are required to serve a party wall notice to the adjoining property owners. The surveyor evaluates these notices to ensure they comply with the legal requirements.
  2. Facilitating agreement: If the adjoining property owners give their consent to the proposed works, the surveyor assists in preparing a party wall agreement, also known as a party wall award. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party and establishes the scope of the work.
  3. Conducting property inspections: The surveyor inspects the properties before the works begin to document their condition. This inspection helps to identify any existing damage or defects, ensuring that any subsequent damage caused by the works can be accurately assessed and resolved.
  4. Resolving disputes: In case of disagreement or dissent from the adjoining property owner(s), the surveyor acts as a mediator or an independent third party. They aim to resolve disputes by assessing the rights and interests of both parties and finding a fair and reasonable solution.
  5. Preparing schedules of condition: The surveyor creates detailed reports, often known as schedules of condition, which record the state of the properties prior to the works. These reports serve as crucial evidence in case of any damage claims resulting from the construction or alteration of the party wall.
  6. Overseeing construction works: Throughout the construction process, the surveyor may monitor and inspect the works to ensure they comply with the agreed-upon specifications and do not exceed the scope outlined in the party wall agreement.

Overall, the role of a party wall surveyor is to protect the interests of all parties involved, promote good communication and understanding between property owners, and ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations related to party walls.

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